May 07, 2013

Description of Work: Replaced leaders and gutters around the entire house, replaced damaged wood under the prior capping, created a waterproof barrier to prevent future water damage, inspected the entire roof for a refinancing closing

This was a great experience with a contractor. The gutter was knocked off in a snow hail ice storm. I called and spoke to Joe Santillo about needing waterproofing and leader and gutter work done ASAP and that I needed a roof inspection by a licensed roofer for a refinancing closing. Joe was very professional and responsive. He came over to inspect the roof and assess the needed repairs the day I called. He made a through inspection and explained exactly what he recommended to prevent future water damage. He provided me with the documents I needed for the refinancing before he left and we agreed upon a date for the repair work to be completed.
The team arrived to complete the repair on time and got to work immediately. When the existing capping was completely removed the extent of the water damage was uncovered. They replaced the wood, sealed the wood replaced all of the capping,leaders and gutters properly  which has eliminated a water leak that  has been a problem for years. I had other people try to correct this problem in the past and they all failed.
Joe Santillo and his team delivered as promised they did the work in a fast professional manner and the repair was done correctly. They left the property spotless. I would highly recommend ACJ Remodeling. They did a great job. Joe Santillo called to confirm I was satisfied with the work. He reminded me that he stands behind his work and if there is any problem to call him.
I am very satisfied and will use this contractor again in the future.

heavygraphicsmarketingMay 07, 2013