July 26, 2013

Description Of Work: Roof for House and Garage

Sandy ruined our roof. Joe came and priced us right in the middle of the pack. But his reviews were great so we went with him. Reviews dont lie. Joe and his crew are the best. They finished the roof with Timberline HD. They replaced rotten wood in my roof since it was exposed for months after Sandy Storm. I didnt think missing a few shingles would have made a difference so I waited until the spring. Joe didnt charge me very much for replacing the wood. He gave me the option to do it and didnt try to price gauge me. He said it would cost $600 for all rotted wood and given the damage infrastructure it was a no brainer. He could have said another $2-3k and kept me hostage, but hes a fair man. When everything was done, I had a new roof in under 3 1/2 days. His crew cleaned up the place nicely. Joe’s team was so good, we hired him to do the rest of the house a few months later.

heavygraphicsmarketingJuly 26, 2013

March 06, 2013

Description Of Work: Replaced flat roof, Replaced interior ceiling

I called ACJ about a month ago, his was one of 3 companies I called from Angie’s list. Out of the 3 he was the only one to return my call. These guys are busy but Joe made time for me, met with me and gave me an honest estimate. We signed the contract and it took him about 3 weeks to get started (as I said, this guy is busy).  His guys came in and started working right away, they worked fast and efficient. Along the way we encountered a problem, my roof/ceiling was much more damaged than we had originally thought so while the guys were working the interior ceiling came down. I started freaking out and panicking because based on my past experience with contractors I assumed I would be told tough luck and we have to clean up this mess on our own. Not so with Joe, the man is a class act all the way. He came in, looked at what happened first he gave me an estimate about how much it would cost, I hesitated a little and when Joe noticed that he offered to fix the whole mess for free. That ladies and gentleman is a man who doesn’t care about the bottom line, he was most concerned with making sure I was happy. Eventually we agreed on a fair price because at the end of the day there was no one to blame for what happened, something bad happened and Joe fixed it. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone. He is worth the wait and I will definitely be using him again. Thanks Joe!

heavygraphicsmarketingMarch 06, 2013

February 18, 2013

Description Of Work: Five windows were replaced, Four window sills were replaced, One bathroom window frame was replaced

The work lasted two days. The  workers performed a meticulous job on replacing the windows. I had used them previously for windows and they did a good job on the installation. The frame in the bathroom was supposed to be a tile frame. However with the previous owner’s installation of the bathroom window being a less than stellar job; the tile work turned out to be a larger task than the quoted price. We reached an agreement on a metal frame installation with some changes to the existing tiles. The workers did a good job with the proposed changes.The window sill installation caused a small amount of damage on my newly built PVC decking. The acknowledged their mistake and replaced the piece of decking that was damaged. It was minor damage but they fixed it knowing that it was a newly built deck.

heavygraphicsmarketingFebruary 18, 2013

February 08, 2013

Description Of Work: Sandy aftermath!
1. All traces of studs and supporting members were removed.
2. All walls were treated with waterproof coating.
3. New metal studs, headers and footing were installed.
4. Roll insulation was installed.
5. Sheetrock in 5/8ths thickness was installed on walls and ceilings.
6. Electrical outlets (3 feet from floor) and ceiling highhats were reinstalled.
7. Steel door 32×48 was ordered and installed for access to backyard. Outer door was sheathed for weather.
8. Two doors, swollen from the storm, were refitted to work properly.
9. One row of bricks was removed from wall to widen stairway to basement and cemented remainder.
10. Two six panel doors were installed with hardware.
11, Molding was applied around doors and base of all sheetrock.
12. Washing machine and dryer were installed and tested.
13. Laundry sink was installed and connected.
14. Access panels were installed for water lines.
15. Entire basement was painted with two coats of paint.

First the back story. We live in Red Hook, Brooklyn, NY. One block from the waterfront. The new home of Cunard’s Queen Mary2, et.al. My wife and I had just finished a one year complete remodel of our three story house; from basement to top floor. The only things left to do were install new inner front door and railings for the new stairs. We treated ourselves to a cruise and (Thank God) hired a house sitter. We survived Irene, so how bad could this Sandy be. Sandy struck while we were on the ship and we couldn’t get off. The house sitter was able to deal with managing the sump pumps and had everything under control until Con Edison decided to turn the electricity off. Consequently, the basement and three inches of the first floor were flooded.  I’ll end this horror story at this point and talk about the recovery.
I’m a paid member of Angie’s List and have been using it for years. So, in researching the List, the top candidate appeared to be Joseph Ashley dba ACJ Remodeling Inc. I reached out to Joe and he immediately responded and we met that day. Now, be warned, that Joe does not suffer fools gladly. He is a busy, professional businessman.  Although empathetic, he will not join hands and sing with you. Presently, he must plan four to six weeks ahead because of the amount of work he’s faced with in addition to Sandy. Using due diligence, I obtained three of the estimates on the refurbishment. Joe’s was in the middle. We signed the contract on 12/18/12 and he began work on 1/28/13. The work was completed on 2/8/13 and encompassed eleven (11) work days. We learned quickly, that Joe will NOT nickel and dime you to death! He did not hold us to the confines of the written contract, which he could have. So, it was comfortable to have some wiggle room and not be reticent about asking to correct issues which were not contemplated for in the formal contract. Joe has two crews: and inside and outside complement.  The staff that worked on our job were led by Eric who can do anything and everything. They arrived promptly every morning at 8 AM and were no-nonsense in their attitude, leaving at five PM. They policed up after every job. Joe has factored in a debris removal system that picks up garbage generated at the site and managed by Angel, another one of his great staff. At Joe’s suggestion, we replaced the wooden studs with metal in order to facilitate a rapid repair in any future flood emergency. And this made a lot of sense. We allowed the basement to air dry out and had Apex, another Angie’s List company, survey the building for signs of mold. Thankfully, we received a clean bill of health. My wife and I walked through the basement and developed a Punch List of issues needing addressing.  Joe and Eric replied to every line item without hesitation or complaint. In fact, pointing out things we had overlooked in the walkthrough.  I should also mention that Joe is a bonafied contractor recommended by the CertainTeed Corporation, which is no easy feat, as it requires written testing.  I will be using Joe to replace the siding on our house which was destroyed by Sandy. But, we will have to wait until March because of the weather and Joe’s other commitments.

heavygraphicsmarketingFebruary 08, 2013

January 28, 2013

Description Of Work: Gutter Repair & Replacement, Roofing, Siding

After Sandy hit NYC, we found we needed a new roof. Based on the reviews here on Angie’s List, I called ACJ Remodeling and the next day Joe arrived and we discussed what needed to be done. The roof was a tear-off. Joe showed us articles on products, samples of the materials he uses as well as photos of other jobs he has done. He explained everything that the job entailed and how things would proceed. He was knowledgeable and professional, and took the time to answer all our questions. We inquired about siding (which also really needed to be replaced) and in the end decided to go for the siding too. We received an estimate of 26,500 for all work, cart services, etc. The date for the work was an estimate for January (weather pending). On Thursday, January 3, Joe called to see if we were set to go. As promised, some of his crew showed up at 8:30 am on Saturday to receive delivery of products and set up some scaffolding. Starting Monday, a full crew was at the house at 8:30 each day. The workers were professional, courteous and hard-working. They did an incredible job paying close attention to detail, were responsive to our concerns and cleaned up by 5:00 pm every day before leaving. I would hire ACJ Remodeling/Joseph Ashley in an instant for any other work that needed a contractor and I highly recommend him.

heavygraphicsmarketingJanuary 28, 2013