June 8, 2017

Description of work: Replace roof

It went better than expected. We had a great experience with Joe and his crew. They were extremely knowledgeable, extremely professional and clean. I would refer this company in a heartbeat. Joe, was and did, everything he said he was going to do. He had his crew there when he promised and they were timely and worked quickly. In our neighborhood, the houses are close together and on one side you couldn’t help with the debris getting into the neighbor’s yard. Without getting into it in detail, this neighbor put up a fuss with the guy on the job at the time. The entire situation was handled calmly and reasonably. Joe stayed in communication every step of the way. There was even a slight issue with another house and he took care of it right away. No questions asked. We went through several contractors because we knew this was going to be a big job and we liked everyone we spoke to, but Joe stood out. He was up front, showed us the materials he would use, told us exactly what he was using and why he was using it and was an excellent communicator from the start. The roof came out beautiful. We truly had a great experience and again, would highly recommend his services. We are also confident that should any issues arise, he would step right up to the plate again.

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May 21, 2017

We decided to do a complete remodel of our house, new siding, new roof, nine new windows (including a large bow window). It was a huge job and we were unsure as to where to start looking for a contractor. We had a subscription to Angie’s list, so we started to look there. The many positive reviews for Joe were hard to ignore – so we gave him a call. Joe is a remarkable guy, he called us right back, we setup a meeting a day later – he made us so comfortable, we walked around the house, we discussed ideas, he helped us choose the best products, colors, etc. The actual remodel was amazing. Old roof was off in a couple hours and the new one went up. The rest of the job was completed in a about a week. Workers were professional, cleaned up all the debris, replaced moldings and outside lights. We are extremely satisfied with the finished project. The house looks great; I’d recommend Joe and Ashley Remodeling to anyone. – You will not be disappointed.

Description of work:

New roof Replaced aluminum siding with vinyl shingles 8 new double hung windows 1 Bow window shutters remodeled deck

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May 8, 2017

Description of Work:Work was conducted in professional and timely manner. Joseph and all his employees were thorough and true to their profession also courteous, neat and kind. Joseph Ashley is very professional and fair, he gave us the same price that he quoted to us a year earlier.

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May 19, 2013

Description of Work: Roof removed down to cedar wood and fur strippings and repaired main roof with new plywood and shingles, new gutters and leaders were installed

Mr. Ashley explained in detail what needed to be done. He took the time to work with your schedule and pricing. It was a team effort from start to finish.The work took 3 days. Equipment was packed up at end of each day. Utilized the garage to keep things overnight and crowded the back yard with equipment for 2 days. Cleaned up after job was done. Garage side door left open on last day of service. The roof looks great.

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May 07, 2013

Description of Work: Replaced leaders and gutters around the entire house, replaced damaged wood under the prior capping, created a waterproof barrier to prevent future water damage, inspected the entire roof for a refinancing closing

This was a great experience with a contractor. The gutter was knocked off in a snow hail ice storm. I called and spoke to Joe Santillo about needing waterproofing and leader and gutter work done ASAP and that I needed a roof inspection by a licensed roofer for a refinancing closing. Joe was very professional and responsive. He came over to inspect the roof and assess the needed repairs the day I called. He made a through inspection and explained exactly what he recommended to prevent future water damage. He provided me with the documents I needed for the refinancing before he left and we agreed upon a date for the repair work to be completed.
The team arrived to complete the repair on time and got to work immediately. When the existing capping was completely removed the extent of the water damage was uncovered. They replaced the wood, sealed the wood replaced all of the capping,leaders and gutters properly  which has eliminated a water leak that  has been a problem for years. I had other people try to correct this problem in the past and they all failed.
Joe Santillo and his team delivered as promised they did the work in a fast professional manner and the repair was done correctly. They left the property spotless. I would highly recommend ACJ Remodeling. They did a great job. Joe Santillo called to confirm I was satisfied with the work. He reminded me that he stands behind his work and if there is any problem to call him.
I am very satisfied and will use this contractor again in the future.

heavygraphicsmarketingMay 07, 2013